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fountain in lake

Lake Maintenance


Turtle Run consists of 18 lakes totaling 68.6 acres. Lakes are maintained to meet the South Florida Water Management permitted guidelines. A contractor visits each lake monthly, inspecting, and treating for noxious vegetation. The primary purpose of the lake system is to absorb and retain rainfall from the community and simply keep it from flooding homes. Although not the main purpose, we hope residents enjoy the added aesthetic benefits fish and bird populations that the lakes support. To ensure that they look their best, our landscape crews patrol the lake banks for debris and trash as needed.


Water levels are controlled by Broward County
Please contact: 

John M. Crouse, P.E.
Director of Water Management
2555 W. Copans Road

Pompano Beach, FL  33069
Office: 954-831-0765

man spraying bushes

Landscape Maintenance

Much of the feel and enjoyment of the Turtle Run Community can be attributed to the mature tree canopy, curved landscape beds, and colorful accents. With over 6 miles of roadway and Turtle Run Park, intense attention to detail, often referred to as the "Disney Look" is provided by a contractor presently ValleyCrest. Their contract includes irrigation repairs, tree trimming, timed fertilization, pesticide, herbicide treatments, and mowing and shaping according to the appearance and standards of the industry. This level of service is a significant portion of our maintenance budget and is vital to making Turtle Run stand out and influence property values.

brick paver installation

Lights, Signs, and Roads

Paver systems, benches, decorative lights, and signs all combine to provide the finishing touches on the Turtle Run look. Maintaining these in new conditions is a constant challenge requiring regular inspections, pressure cleaning, or replacement. Holiday decorations transform the community to help create a festive and hometown feel. Our contractor installs and manages 5,000 strands of lights, 70 seasonal banners, and performs inspections to ensure we look our best.

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